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Instrument in Palaeomagnetics Lab
S.No. Equipment Model Make
1. Spinner Magnetometer Model- JR-6A AGICO, Czech.
2. Susceptibility Meter Model–MS-21 Bartington, U.K.
3. Mini Spin Magnetometer N/A Molspin U.K.
4. Kappabridge Model KLY-3S AGICO, Czech.
5. Impulse Magnetizer Model IM10-10% ASC Scientific, USA
6. AFD N/A Molspin, U.K.
7. Thermal Demagnetizer a. TSD-2
b. TD-700
Sconstedt, U.K. &Magnon, Germany
8. MMVFTB N/A Magnetic Measurements, U.K.
9. Aerosol Sampler N/A HazDust, UK
Type of analysis

Rock magnetic studies as well as Palaeomag studies may be done.

Details of sample preparation

For rock magnetic studies the sample should be in powder form. If not, then first we crush the sample then we fill in the sample bottles.

A short Guide regarding how to prepare and send sample

For Palaeomag studies the sample should be in oriented rock samples only.

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