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Facilities available:

Processing of rock samples for micropaleontological studies and microphotography.

Type of analysis
  • Process the rock samples by chemical treatment and also by natural process.
  • Pick the microfossils under the binocular sterozoom microscope.
  • Identify the microfossils and study of its morphology.
  • Microphotography for making the fossil plates.
Details of Sample preparation for the analysis.

Standard micropaleontological techniques have been followed in the maceration of the rock samples. The collected rock samples are weighed and crushed, boiled and or soaked for number of days using chemicals appropriate for particular samples. The processed samples are then sieved with different mesh sizes. The sieved residue is dried and scanned for microfossils under binocular microscope.

A Short guide regarding how to prepare and send samples

Rock type: Limestone, sandstone, shales and siltstone weighing 50-100 gm can be sent for microfossil studies. Samples should be packed properly clearly labelling the sample number and locality. Rock samples should be sent only after online registration and taking permission from Director, WIHG. You may contact the OIC or CO-OIC for any clarifications and further details.

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