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The lab is well equipped with instruments required for the glaciological studies and analysis of field data, particularly for mass balance, hydrology, glacial sediments snow/ice chemistry, ice flow and ice thickness measurements, etc. There is a field station at an altitude of 3800 m and data on various aspects of glacier studies is being collected round the year. The laboratory at WIHG is equipped with the following.

The lab is equipped with the following instruments:
  • Electronic Distance Meter (EDM): used for topographic survey, stakes measurement for mass-balance studies and snout fluctuation.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Survey (GPR): used for estimating the ice thickness of the glacier, bed rock topography and total snow accumulation/ablation in a budget year.
  • Sieve Shaker: used for grain size analyses of suspended sediments, moraines and supra, sub and englacial sediments.
  • Automatic Weather Station (AWS): Installed on the Chorabari glacier to collect meteorological data round the year.
  • Steam Drill Machine: used for stake networking (drill duo to 12m) for mass balance and flow measurement.
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