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Instrument Status
Name of LAB
Status of Instrument/Facility
Scanning Electron Microscopy and EDX Laboratory Not Working ( not working )
Mineral Separation and Mounting Working
X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory Working ( Machine is working. )
X-ray Fluorescence Laboratory Working ( ok )
Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer Under Repair ( Lab under renovation )
Thermoluminescence/Optically Stimulated Luminescence Working ( Lab Co-OIC updated )
Electron Probe Micro Analyzer Not Working ( under Repair )
LA-MC-ICPMS Laboratory Working ( ok )
Stable Isotope Not Working ( Under Maintenance )
Raman Spectrometer and Optical Working
Water Chemistry Working
Paleomagnetic Working
Sedimentology Working ( Working )
Geotech Lab Working ( abc )
Sample Preparation Laboratory Working
Laser Water Isotope Analysis Laboratory Working
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